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You become your Avatar

Discussion in 'Fiction Discussion' started by Shiva12, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. so wake up as your avatar. If your avatar is an inanamiate object like a toy you are now alive and if your not already humanoid

    First secanario: you wake as your avatar in its world, you don't have its memories

    Second Secanario: same as the first but you have your Avatars memories

    Third: you become your avatar in the real world. You have access to its powers. How dose your family react? How would the world react to this?
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  2. First Scenario: Try to be Armstrong, but try and be more good and hope no one notices.

    Second Scenario: Makes the above more easy.

    Third Scenario: Plan to become President.
  3. First scenario: Meet and then do everything in my power to bang Dean Winchester

    Second scenario: Do everything in my power to bang Dean Winchester

    Third scenario: My family would be scared. I would get my friends cool jobs in hell. The world does not need to know about my shinanigens. But I see a scenario in which a certain orange coloured fellow will need to overcome several decades of deep seated homophobia in four or five years. :p

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  4. Lunatic350

    Lunatic350 Beast of Possibility

    First & second scenarios:

    3rd scenario: get a seasonal job playing the grinch at a mall or something? The world'd probably want to dissect me, so I think I'm gonna try and pretend to be the Dr. Seuss equivalent of a furry.
  5. Radek

    Radek Promethean

    Scenario one: armor proceeds with emergency mental repair while alerting the authorities.

    Scenario two: uncertain. What makes me a distinctive individual may or may not remain, but likely not in my avatar´s body.

    Scenario three: varies.
  6. Ellf

    Ellf Hivelord

    Scenario one: Uh... try to live out as Molly and Faith. Figure out how the hell to do magic.

    Scenario two: Oh hey. Much easier. By the way, still stuck in Dresden Files.

    Scenario three: Welp. Guess I'm never using SV again. Or doing my actual job again. Try to avoid going full warlock and maybe go and get a PI license.
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  7. Darth Herobrine

    Darth Herobrine Singularity Seeker

    Scenario 1: figure out how to be Ligier.

    Scenario 2: be Ligier.

    Scenario 3: Ha. Haha. HAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Well, there goes the current world order. Sorry.)
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  8. Estro

    Estro Sassy Bitch Stargazer

    Scenario 1: Break down uncontrollably, I don't want to eat people. After that, probably try to bang 'neki, and stay out of fights.
    Scenario 2: Break down uncontrollably, I don't want to eat people. After that, probably try to bang 'neki, and go watch some fights

    Scenario 3: Break down uncontrollably, I don't want to eat people
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  9. Ellf

    Ellf Hivelord

    You know, this topic doesn't actually lend itself well to discussion. It's just a "wham bam, thank you ma'am" sorta post.

    Expanding on Scenario 2, read "Building Faith" in my sig. If you care.
  10. DreamerGhost


    First scenario: Get rekt by millions of souls trying to take over the body
    Second scenario: Get rekt by millions of souls trying to take over the body
    Third scenario: Get rekt by millions of souls trying to take over the body
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  11. inquisition

    inquisition [Stabs internally]

    First secanario: Delilah's goons gank me in a few seconds, because what little "combat training" I have is through a screen. Either that, or I let myself get statue'd and hope that Daddy Assassin is good enough to beat the campaign, and has no interest in being "Corvo the Black." :V After that? I probably fail miserably at running the Empire and get overthrown.

    Second Secanario: I try and do my best with the stuff I know? I mean, I don't think I could bring myself to go high chaos if I actually was Emily instead of some dweeb with a PC, so there's that. However, even if I had her combat skills, I'd probably be too much of a coward to go up against a Clockwork Soldier with a fancy folding cheese knife.

    Third: "Hey, uh, mom, I have eldritch powers now. And 2 X chromosomes. And I'm white. Aren't you glad to see me home for winter break...?"
  12. FBH

    FBH Write drunk. Edit Hungover

    Well, so I'm a Japanese girl half my age with magical powers.

    This is going to take some explaining.
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  13. Kuja


    First Scenario: I'M A SQUIIIIIIID

    Second Scenario: I'M A SQUIIIIIIIIIID


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  14. Scenario 1: Be an incompetent lady-king of Britain.
    Scenario 2: Be a competent lady-king of Britain.
    Scenario 3: My family and friends are incredibly confused that I've become a woman, the world as a whole will be terrified the moment I use any of my servant abilities since I would be a one woman army.
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  15. 7734


    Scenario 1: Chicks everywhere, cat ears get, weight go poof.
    Scenario 2: Chicks everywhere, cat ears get, weight go poof.
    Scenario 3: Holy shit I have a lot of explaining to do with the girlfriend.
  16. First scenario: try to avoid being captured by a pokeball and try to figure out how to use my attacks

    Second Secanario: make use of avatars memories and powers to avoid being captured probably try to learn to speak english with my new body.

    Third: well asuming i can still talk i have a lot to explain.
    How does my family react hopefully well to my now being a ghost type pokemon.
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  17. Lunatic350

    Lunatic350 Beast of Possibility

    Scenario one: Hime's Brain is now a lot more mature (and murderous), but also now has no idea how to shot web and treats Hime and the rest like strangers. This is naturally capital-W Weird, though the show is already ungodly strange so that might be missed by the people involved.

    Scenario two: As above, minus everything after the but. The show is still ungodly weird though. I'd try not to mess with the timeline or anything because, uh, the whole thing is just such a mess. I've no idea how to warp it to a better conclusion, best not to try.

    Scenario three: Muahahaha! I AM NOW A GIANT ROBOT! I WOULD LIKE A MILLION OF YOUR EARTH DOLLARS! Or, more realistically: All involved freak out for some time, I eventually get bored and kidnap a friend to go flying or something, we get chased by military fighter jets after violating airspace as a really weird UFO. I am either destroyed or enlisted into the military or maybe I end up a strange thing all over the news everywhere.
  18. Stripes

    Stripes Genre-Savvy Anti-Nihilist

    Nizhniy Novgorod
    1) I have no level cap.
    2) I have no level cap.
    3) I still have no level cap.

    ...And this is all while having the power which can be described as The Gamer, Realistic Edition under certain angle. Yep folks, Practico-Rational Rogue is "Bullshit!!!" (c).
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  19. Scenario 1 and/or 2: Hybrid Theory

    Scenario 3: Pet the kitty, try not to have a mental breakdown.
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  20. Grey Rook

    Grey Rook Genuine Nerd

    The Quantum Foam
    Oh, boy, this will not end well...

    In the first scenario, it probably takes me while to figure out what the fuck just happened and how anything works, but on the upside disposing of the Lyoko Warriors should be fairly simple assuming that I see a reason to do so. After that... who knows? Maybe see if I can into space because fuck the humans. Otherwise... well, we'll see.

    In the second scenario, the what the hell just happened phase probably doesn't last as long and I have more options available. The main question is whether to uplift the humans or destroy them, since I'm pretty sure that I could pull off either of them once I'm rid of the Warriors. Decisions, decisions...

    Third scenario? Assuming that I get XANA's hardware transplanted alongside everything else, you can pretty much just cut out "get rid of the Lyoko Warriors" from the second scenario and add a perod of adaptation as I get used to my new capabilities before trying to decide whether I'd rather be known as humanity's savior or its destroyer.

    My family would freak out, of course, but I think I could convince them that I actually prefer this state of affairs. The rest of humanity... well, see above.
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  21. RadioactiveSpoon

    RadioactiveSpoon It won't let me write '******'

    1. Mind gets kinda broken. Have no idea how to work all the body mods. Either get kept chained up or sedated by Lab 0 or killed off by Marie (or, hell, some passing gangster) while I'm unable to fight back.

    2. Do know how to work all the body mods, and have experience resisting all the mental whammery! Better. Try and get the various residents of New Meridian to work together to combat the Skullgirl, rather than beating each other up because Fighting Games. Use OOC knowledge to coordinate and stuff.

    3. Ahm, well, shit. Hide in spooky places and become an urban legend?
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  22. UbeOne

    UbeOne Best Senpai

    1. Here's hoping I don't get killed by the witches I encounter...

    2. That would be similar to what is going on in Puella Magi Insert Sui Magica, except I'm the only SI. I have my work cut out for me...

    3. I eventually witch out since there are no grief seeds in the real world.
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  23. Aranfan

    Aranfan Team Plasma Grunt

    I'm a kitty.
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  24. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    So am I simultaneously Joseph in JoJo and Saber in Fate or Joseph and Saber in a JoJo Fate fusion or...?
    Family probably gets worried as I go mad with power and abuse the hell out of it.
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  25. The first one
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